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3. Advent Aktion - 500 Coins


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Because I wanted to try and enjoy the touches of leather gloves also in submissive roles, I decided to film this video. I believe you will like it. So here are tied Angela in leather coat and my husband in long leather gloves;) Part: Gloved HOM I was tense in anticipation. In a little while, for the first time, I experience the touches of leather gloves in my face and over my mouth. I thoroughly tied to a chair. I'm wearing in fetish clothes. Double-breasted black leather coat, red leather gloves, Wellingtons and shiny wetlook leggings. Finally, my husband in long leather gloves incoming. He also has a shod black wellies. He has dressed panties, tights stockings and wetlook bodice. Too bad that I do not see it because I'm blindfolded. Then what I look forward to is followed. Touches of leather gloves! I feel his leather touches everywhere. In my face, on my hair, neck, over my mouth and breast ... He does it tenderly and with love. It even removes the ball gag from my mouth. He unbutton my leather coat that also stroking my breasts. Rope around my neck prevents me from any movement. That's why I obediently sit on the chairs and enjoy my husband's touches in leather gloves.
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