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Yesterday (October 24, 2017) sex with husband was "a bit" untraditional. I am mostly tied up during sex and sometimes change the role and I tied up his. This time we were in handcuffs and ropes both. First choice of clothes. I wear black leather gowns, long leather gloves and overknee shoes. My husband like a TV slavegirl has a wig, a leather dress and also a overknee boots. Perverse games can begin! I bind her husband to the bed behind the stretched out arms and legs. Now he is helpless in the spread-eagle with a metal gag and blindfolds. I'll make a short handjob in leather gloves. The penis is hard, I can sit on it. Sex in the style of horsewoman. My pussy is wet and tied up the husband excitedly breathing into gag. I want to have handcuffs and a gag during sex too! I put a ball of gag in my mouth and lock handcuffs on my wrist. I continue with sex, both in bondage and leather. It's exciting. Husband has orgasm. That's not all! I sit for a moment on his penis and kissing him over his gag. I'm waiting for him to rest and gain strength. I want to use my hands! I want his next cumshot and orgasm! Handjob in leather gloves and handcuffs begins. Husband has a second orgasm! He must taste his semen! Cum on my gloves, I put my fingers through a gag in his mouth. He is tired and I too, lie down next to him and rest together.
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