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(Video on user request) I'm a trapped spy in leather! During the mission in one apartment I was unexpectedly caught by the apartment owner. Now I'm captured, bound ropes to a chair, blindfolded and ballgagged. Oh ... I hear how the door opens, the owner of the apartment returns. I'm scared, but I'm brave and proud. I will not tell him anything! He begins to interrogate. What did you do in my apartment? NO! NO! I shook my head and answered no! I will not tell you anything! The man just smiles. My misery is just beginning ... The man prepares lots of food, apples, banana, yoghurt. He makes me eat and still repeats his question. I refuse to open my mouth. The man always pushes my nose, I'm *****d to open my mouth and eat. For many minutes I have been *****d to eat. Everything I ate, apple, banana and yogurt, but the purpose of my mission, I have not told. The man is lecherous, touch up my nose, forcibly kissing me and putting hand over my mouth. But he no longer has food. My feeding is...
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