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3. Advent Aktion - 500 Coins


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Rendezvous with foreign bather. Directly on and in the public swimming pool was fucked and sprayed cool. My hot body tweaks me in the pool pretty between the legs. I drank before the bar a delicious cocktail as an attractive man sitting next to me. We threw hot glances and flirted a bit, he just said that he was not alone, he was here with some friends. I whispered in his only ear that I found in the basement in Rendezvousbereich a great romantic spot with cool pool. I would wait for him there. Alone, I went back to the Area Rendezvous and pulled my tracks, there came but then actually this man attractive ago. Our eyes were intense and it was in the heart immediately warmly us. I grabbed his cock in place at the edge of the pool and it was cool to the point. I did not know that sperm looks so great in the pool :).
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